UPC launches Internet Buttons to help seniors navigate web

26 Mar 2012

Examples of Internet Buttons

UPC has launched a new webtool called Internet Buttons which can be set up to allow people new to the internet – particularly older people – to quickly access services they would find useful.

Internet Buttons, designed by behaviour change company We Are What We Do, is aimed to let those who are confident with using the internet set up a web page full of buttons for those who are new to the web.

These buttons, which are saved on a personalised URL, link directly to sites and services which could be useful for this person. They can get ready-made buttons or they can be customised for each user.

The Internet Buttons campaign is particularly aimed to encourage older people to use the internet. According to CSO and Eurostat studies, 74pc of people in Ireland aged between 65 and 74 never use the internet compared to the average of 67pc across the EU.

The new initiative is being launched as part of the EU’s Get Online Week 2012 which takes place 26-30 March. The week aims to support at least 200,000 people in getting online.

Pat Rabbitte, Minister for Communications Energy and Natural Resources, helped launch the Internet Buttons imitative.

“If we are to create a truly inclusive digital future for Ireland, it is crucial that internet usage increases among those currently not online,” said Rabbitte.

“Internet Buttons is a really useful tool in this regard, helping to show non-users just how simple and useful the internet can be,” he said.