UPDATE – RTÉ News blooper of presenter caught off-guard goes viral

11 Jan 2013

A video clip of RTÉ news presenter Aengus MacGrianna caught off guard while presenting the news has gone viral on YouTube.

The clip, which was only published on YouTube yesterday, captured the moment when the presenter was touching up his make-up, fixing his tie and preening for the camera.

MacGrianna was unaware his preparations were accidentally being broadcast to the public while he believed a report was being aired.

When he became aware he was being broadcast live, a priceless expression of annoyance darkened his visage, his eyes lock warily on the camera and his look of astonishment is followed by an incredulous “what?”

UPDATE – The video in question has since been blocked on YouTube on copyright grounds but someone has helpfully put together a blooper reel of MacGrianna’s recent exploits. Enjoy!

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years