US military’s Cyber Command is fully operational

6 Nov 2010

The US military’s Cyber Command is now fully operational and is now responsible for directing activities to operate and defend Department of Defense (DoD) networks.

The central cyber command co-ordinates activities of the US army’s cyber forces. It will work with the National Security Agency and will co-operate with the Department of Homeland Security.

The tasks it completed in order to achieve full operational capability – which means it has everything it needs to operate – included establishing a Joint Operations Centre and transitioning personnel and functions from two organisations – the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations and The Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare.

According to a statement found by The Register, the US Cyber Command’s development won’t end here and it will grow to operate and defend its networks.

“I am confident in the great service members and civilians we have here at US Cyber Command,” said Gen Keith Alexander, commander of US Cyber Command.

“Cyber space is essential to our way of life and US Cyber Command synchronises our efforts in the defence of DoD networks.

“We also work closely with our interagency partners to assist them in accomplishing their critical missions,” said Alexander.

While Cyber Command’s full role on the internet is still unclear, it will have the ability to attack other networks along with defending its own.