US President Barack Obama joins Pinterest

29 Mar 2012

The US president is now “pinning”: Barack Obama has joined Pinterest, the service that allows members to “pin” and share images, videos and other content on their online pinboards.

Technically, the Pinterest account for Obama has been around since last month, but pins only began appearing on Tuesday. The Obama campaign announced the newly active account in a tweet.

Obama’s Pinterest account provides the president with another social media platform in which he can deliver his re-election message.

So far, the account has drawn nearly 9,000 followers. The page includes 58 pins (so far) on eight boards (categories) titled Obama-inspired recipes, Pet Lovers for Obama, Just the Facts, Obama 2012 in action, Faces of change, The First Family, ObamArt and Obama 2012 Merch (merchandise).

Obama’s campaign team has been leveraging social media to push his re-election. Obama’s Twitter account has 13,474,506 followers, 25,876,877 Facebook users ‘Like’ his page on the social network, and 210,627 people subscribe to his YouTube channel.