Users can now let anyone upload files to their Dropbox account

17 Jun 2015

Dropbox has unveiled a new feature that lets anyone upload photos, documents or any other files straight into their account. With a ‘File request’, you can simply send out a link to one or more people – regardless of whether they have an account or not – to allow them to add files to a specified Dropbox folder.

The company says the new service has been developed from user feedback claiming that getting data from other people can be a pain and files as large as 2GB can be sent.


Dropbox also gave information on users who got to take file requests for an early test drive as examples of how file requests can prove useful: “Naomi, an AmeriCorps program coordinator, neatly collected weekly reports from colleagues into a folder for review. Erin, a freelance graphic designer, requested files from clients and now has them all in one place. And Craig, an IT consultant and proud father, will be pulling together vacation photos from family members as they travel this summer.”

Dropbox Basic and Pro users can send out file requests starting today at The feature will be rolled out to business customers in the next few weeks.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic