Video dominates most internet usage – and YouTube is king

6 Feb 2009

Video is now beginning to dominate internet usage, with 78.5pc of the total US internet user base viewing videos online in December.

Nearly 150 million US internet users watched an average of 96 videos per viewer in December, according to research by ComScore.

Google-owned sites surpassed 100 million online video viewers during the month of December, representing two out of every three internet users who watched a video.

Fox Interactive ranked second with 56.9 million viewers, followed by Yahoo! sites with 42.8 million viewers and AOL with 31.5 million viewers.

In terms of videos viewed, Google Sites again ranked No 1 in the US with 5.9 billion videos viewed, accounting for 41pc of the total online video market share.

YouTube accounts for more than 99pc of all videos viewed on Google properties.

Fox Interactive came second with 445 million videos viewed, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 330 million and Viacom Digital with 291 million videos downloaded.

By John Kennedy