Video Game rental service launched online

9 Aug 2007

Ireland’s first online video game rental service is being launched this month by GameSenders.

GameSenders said it stocks Ireland’s largest catalogue of games for all next-generation consoles and is currently the only company renting games for the Nintendo Wii and Ds.

“We believe that there is real a gap in the Irish market for a company that can provide the games people want to play, delivered to their door at a reasonable price,” said Neil Jones, managing director of GameSenders. Jones said he felt it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest releases as games become more expensive.

There are three packages available: customers can rent one game at a time with a maximum of two rentals a month for €14.99 a month; one game at a time with unlimited rentals every month for €18.99 a month; or two games at a time with unlimited rentals for €24.99 a month. There is no contract requirement for customers.

The company is offering a free trial to all new members.

By Niall Byrne