Vimeo users can now upload from Dropbox (video)

30 Aug 2012

Vimeo, the video-sharing site, has integrated cloud storage service Dropbox to make it easier for users to upload and share their videos online.

Users simply need to connect both their Vimeo and Dropbox accounts and, from then on, videos uploaded to a selected folder on Dropbox will automatically appear on their account on the site.

This will be of great use to those who are already storing video files with the popular cloud service and also presents a new way for other users to upload that’s easy and a lot less hassle. After all, folders syncing in the background is a lot less frustrating than watching a progress bar slowly move forward.

Other features added include advanced upload settings that allow users to pause an upload and resume at a later date. So, if they stick to the traditional upload method and their internet connection lets them down, they can go back to it later.

Users can also now choose any frame from a video to be that video’s thumbnail. And if I haven’t explained any of that clearly enough, try hearing it from a spaced-out deer ghost. Yep.


Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic