Viral videos of the week: Wolverine gets fired and Game of Thrones gets dubbed

20 Oct 2013

Still from '"MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD" EXTENDED TRAILER - A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones' by BadLipReading on YouTube

We take a look at some of the most-viewed and most-shared videos on the web. This week features common horror tropes with a clever twist, a zombie with a taste for Italian cuisine, a carpark adventure, Wolverine getting fired and Game of Thrones as you’ve never seen it before.

About 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, 500 years of video watched on Facebook every day, and more than 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, ensuring there is always video trending on the web.

With so much video available for viewing, we take a look at some of the viral videos that have caught our eye this week.

Medieval Land Fun-Time World

In this BadLipReading dub, Game of Thrones is reimagined as a summer comedy focused on medieval theme park manager Eddie Stark and his merry band of employees. It’s so good you’ll actually wish the film was real.


Uploaded: 16 October 2013

Hell No: the sensible horror film

It’s finally here: a horror film that doesn’t make you want to shout at the screen in a futile attempt to correct the stupidity of the protagonists. Well, it’s here in theory thanks to this mock trailer by Pixels per Second. With this clip achieving about 1m views per day since its upload, maybe they should go ahead and make the full movie – anti-climactic as it may be.


Uploaded: 15 October 2013

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Professor X has a problem. Despite his popularity among fans, Wolverine’s skills and superhuman abilities just don’t cut the mustard when compared with the other X-Men. It’s time for them to part ways, but giving the troubled Logan his leaving papers is easier said than done.


Uploaded: 14 October 2013

Zombie pizza prank

Undoubtedly, the best prank videos on the web are the ones that scare the bejaysus out of unsuspecting people. Unsurprising then that this terror-inducing trick had notched up close to 2m views at the time of writing, as it teaches us an important lesson about the dangers of accepting free street food.


Uploaded: 15 October 2013


Finally, we leave you with this animated short from Birdbox Studio depicting an unfortunate end to a shopping trip.


Uploaded: 11 October 2013

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