Watch: 6 animals that are pretty good at stealing GoPros

21 Jul 2015

GoPros are becoming must-haves for pretty much everyone doing outdoor activities. It seems everybody needs to see every detail of your day, in high resolution, at high FPS.

But sometimes we don’t want to see a human’s eye view of a run through the park, or a human’s eye view of a human’s day.

Sometimes we want to be entertained by animals. Animals that are trolling those of means, those with camera equipment left far to close to foxes, seagulls and eagles.

For example, who can think of a better scenario in this video then of a monkey stealing a GoPro and absolutely legging it away?

It gets better, after trying to chew on the safety case for a while, the monkey manages to open it up, much to the onlookers’ dismay.

Personal high point, when someone whose first language is not English, chooses to yell at the monkey in English, probably presuming that it can understand it better than Spanish, Italian or French.

“That’s a f****** $500 camera,” he says in disgust. Nobody does apathy like a monkey, though.

Shady squirrel, shady, shady squirrel

How about this shady, shady squirrel? After a decent spell of investigation, again, the GoPro is off up a tree. A bit of chewing and a long fall later and it’s back on dry land.

If that’s too tame then this seagull is your guy. Rather than feeding on scraps thrown at it, this seagull takes us all for chumps, flying off with the camera for no reason other than to troll humanity.

This fox provides some great close up footage of his pretty clean teeth when chewing on this GoPro:

This eagle shows off its worryingly Velociraptor-like talons with this GoPro:

And this crab is just great:

Weirder things lurk beneath

As a bonus, although not enjoying GoPro branding, this octopus is badass. A scuba diver gets too close for comfort, with Ollie (I can name things) grabbing the camera from his hands.

The cameraman chases Ollie for three minutes and goes at it with a speargun.

Ollie’s not having any of that, though. Instead, he steals the spear gun and drops the camera, and they go for a swim together. It’s odd. Octocpuses are odd.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic