7 cool WhatsApp tips and tricks (infographic)

2 Feb 2016

WhatsApp can do a lot more than you think, but many of its quirky features are hard to find. So, here are some top tips to make your messaging even better.

Amid news that it has reached its impressive 1bn active users milestone, how about we look at what WhatsApp has to offer.

WhatsApp’s user base has rocketed up since its acquisition by Facebook, with it logging around 450m active monthly users when it was bought back in 2014 (for an estimated $19bn).

But, beyond direct messaging, groups, sending videos and taking calls, did you know there’s a whole range of extras that can enhance your WhatsApp communication?

For example, how do you know who has seen your message when you send it to a group? That double blue tick just doesn’t fit the bill all the time.

Or what if you want to stop automatically downloading images that are sent to you to save on data use or, more often, limited space on your device?

You can also act a lot more secretively by disabling your last-seen timestamp, or your read receipt blue ticks, if it’s your want. You can block people, transfer conversations into some online storage or even explore hotspots.

All with just a couple of taps of your thumb.

So here, thanks to Dark Bear Web Solutions, are some simple, but effective, WhatsApp hacks.

WhatsApp top tips hacks

WhatsApp image via Fotos593/Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic