Where to watch US President Barack Obama’s inauguration online

21 Jan 2013

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts swears in US President Barack Obama at his inauguration at the White House yesterday, with First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha standing by. Photo by Lawrence Jackson/Whitehouse.gov

There is certainly no shortage about where to tune in online today to watch US President Barack Obama’s public inauguration in Washington, DC.

Obama was actually sworn in for his second term as US president at the White House yesterday, with only his wife and children in attendance. Today, however, is when Obama and US Vice-President Joe Biden will take the oath of office outside the US Capitol, after which Obama will deliver his augural address.

Viewers can take their pick in terms of where to watch all the action:

The 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee will be hosting a live stream of the swearing-in ceremony, the inaugural parade and even the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball, all beginning at 11.30am EST (4.30pm EST).

The White House will take to YouTube to stream the inauguration live, beginning at 11am EST (4pm GMT).

Plenty of news organisations will be carrying coverage of the inauguration, such as CBS News, beginning at 10am EST (3pm GMT) on on Ustream; ABC News gets in on the action a half-hour earlier, with its coverage beginning at 9.30am EST (2.30pm GMT); CNN begins its streaming at 11.30am (4.30pm); and Fox News begins its online live coverage at 10.30am EST (3.30pm GMT).

C-SPAN is not only providing online live coverage of the swearing-in ceremony, but also the president’s address, the inaugural luncheon and the inaugural parade. That coverage is all happening now, having begun at 7am EST (12pm GMT).

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic