Which iOS 6 features will be available in Ireland? [UPDATED]

13 Sep 2012

Apple has disclosed a comprehensive list of the worldwide availability of its new iOS 6 features, which tells us that some of the iPhone 5’s attractive selling points – like 3D maps – aren’t actually available to Irish users. [UPDATE: It turns out Apple has flip-flopped and more features than expected are now available in Ireland.]

Apple’s new operating system, iOS 6, will launch on 19 September, followed shortly by the iPhone 5 which is attracting a lot of attention based on the features that the new OS adds. However, some of these features will only be available in limited markets, as Apple’s list shows.

3D Maps

For example, the Flyover view in Apple’s Maps app, featuring 3D images of buildings that wowed the crowd at the press events in San Francisco and London, will in fact only be available in the US. Seeing as this feature played such a key part in the hype around the device and its powerful new A6 processor, the lack of availability could turn off some potential consumers.

Irish iPhone 5 users will have access to standard and satellite maps as well as directions and turn-by-turn navigation in Maps. We’re also lucky enough to among the small list of countries getting the traffic, local search, and business reviews and photos features.

New Siri features

Siri’s improvements are also a key selling point for the iPhone 5, but none of these apply to the Irish market. Added knowledge about sports; local search; restaurant information, reviews and reservations; and information on movies, plus reviews and showtimes – none of this will be available to Irish iPhone 5 owners. They also won’t be able to benefit from Siri’s integration with Twitter and Facebook, which, in a limited number of countries, allows users to orate a status update.

Full service for the UK

Apple has rolled out its marketplaces extensively worldwide, and we in Ireland have access to an App Store selling apps and games, as well as music and movie offerings from the iTunes Store, but we don’t get TV shows, which are only available in six countries.

Though Apple’s decision to be up front about what features are available where, Irish users may be disappointed to see what they’re missing out on, while their UK counterparts will enjoy all of the listed iOS 6 features bar 3D maps. Jealous? Us?

UPDATE: Apple’s iOS 6 has now arrived and it seems that Apple’s is not sticking to the availability listed on its website. Flyover views of 3D maps are indeed available, as is Siri integration with Facebook and Twitter. Siri is also able to perform local searches in the immediate area now, though she won’t be able to book a table at a restaurant for Irish users just yet, as Ireland is a ‘United States Minor Outlying Island’ apparently!

iPhone screenshoot - Siri

Thanks to our own John Kennedy and reader Éamonn Keogh for their insights into iOS 6.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic