Why we need the ‘Nobody Likes You’ button on Twitter (infographic)

21 Jan 2014

Microblogging site Twitter needs to implement a ‘Nobody Likes You’ button in response to tweets by certain types of users, a cheeky infographic suggests.

The infographic by The Maple Kind warns Twitter users to be wary of The Autoresponder, The Romantic Poet, The Dog Lover, Mr ‘I’m Not OK With This Season’, The Compliments Retweeter, The Creepy Weirdo, The Hashtag Fanatic, The Slut to get Followers, The Integralist Vegan, The Caps Locker, Mr Spoiler, and The ‘You’re Not in the Smart Circle’ Twitstar.

What all these types of Twitter users have in common is they do what they do in excess, which is what makes them so bloody annoying – and thus worthy of a ‘Nobody Likes You’ button, according to the infographic.

Despite the humorous nature of the infographic, it also serves as a reminder of social media etiquette – using ALL CAPS, for example, denotes shouting, and nobody likes a constant whinger.

Courtesy of: The Maple Kind 

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic