WikiLeaks now accessible through hundreds of mirrors

6 Dec 2010

In spite of efforts to bring WikiLeaks offline, the whistle-blowing website is now available on hundreds of mirrored websites and is accepting more.

According to the list of mirrors, as it stands, about 208 sites are hosting WikiLeaks’ content, including some with ipv6 protocol.

However, some reports suggest there are more than 300 mirrors for the site.

WikiLeaks is also encouraging more people to mirror the site, giving information on how to host it and containing forms to easily run through the process.

The forms also include the disclaimer that says: “I know that this may be dangerous if I host a virtual host, and I’m OK with this risk.”

Since WikiLeaks’ latest data release, the site has struggled to stay online, with pressure coming in from the US government to take it down, along with DDoS attacks on the sites from other users.

WikiLeaks’ DNS provider withdrew its services because of these attacks and Amazon withdrew its hosting services because it did not agree with what the site was doing.