Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update for ‘nearly everyone’

20 Oct 2011

Microsoft is rolling out Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to ‘nearly everyone,’ bringing the newly updated mobile OS to most of its customers.

Updates are currently being delivered for Windows Phone devices on all Irish mobile networks.

The rollout began gradually three weeks ago to a small number of phones, which Microsoft said was successful. As a result, Windows Phone 7.5’s global rollout has been brought forward slightly to make it more broadly available.

It will also deliver model-specific firmware from handset makers next week to improve performance for particular models or to activate new features from Windows Phone 7.5.

The upgraded OS, also known as Mango, is said to have more than 500 additions. It can now multitask and its People and Messaging Hub can support group conversations.

It now supports video calling and social networks, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, are built into the OS.

There are numerous new Bing features, such as Bing Audio, which can identify songs, and Bing Vision, which can scan objects and QR codes to search for them.

Its Office Hub is expanded and it can now sync with SkyDrive to access files from the cloud.