With this click I thee wed

17 Aug 2007

Gaming history was made this week when a couple whose relationship blossomed on gaming site Everquest married simultaneosly online and in real life.

While many couples have met online, Nathan and Kelly Davolos were the first ever couple to wed in real life and in the virtual game world of Everquest.

The happy couple married this week in a Las Vegas ceremony that had guests dressed in both Everquest’s medievel themed costumes and in the uniforms of Star Wars stormtroopers; even Darth Vader cut the ribbon as he led the couple up the aisle.

Surrounded by media from around the world, the couple exchanged their vows in a traditional, legally-binding ceremony.

Then, facing one another and sitting at their PCs, Mr and Mrs Davolos had their online incarnations tie the knot onscreen.

Monitors in the venue showed the Everquest ceremony to guests and media.

Many married couples have met online before, from internet dating to virtual courtships in the likes of Second Life and Everquest, and many games like Everquest mimick real-life scenarios like weddings and funerals.

However, Mr and Mrs Davolos ceremony is tipped to be the first of many in which the virtual ceremony mirrors a real one.

Surely a ‘catch the bouquet’ game can’t be far away?

By Joe Griffin