Woman who sold house on YouTube blocked by bank

27 May 2011

Jillian Godsill, an Irish divorcee who tried to sell her house on YouTube and found a buyer willing to pay up to €500,000 in cash, has found the sale blocked by the bank.

Godsill last month received a €500,000 offer for the house she put on sale on YouTube.

In recent months, Godsill put a story-boarded video on YouTube showing the transformation of the Shillelagh, Co Wicklow-based mansion that she lovingly restored from a rundown state to a pristine condition.

However, a victim of the property implosion in Ireland, the house had fallen in value from €1.4m to €500,000.

Within weeks of posting the video on YouTube, Godsill received a cash offer for the stately home, received a deposit and went to the bank to complete the sale.

House sale blocked by bank

However, it turns out her bank is refusing to accept the sale and instead wants Godsill to pay the full €900,000 outstanding.

Her bank has told Godsill it has the legal right to pursue her for the full amount.

“They want to pursue me for the full amount although they know I have no money … the solicitor who did my affidavit of means refused to charge me as he could see I had nothing – only debts.

“The banks are the professionals – they lent me the money. So why am I being penalised when their professional valuation of my property turns out to be a third of what it was? They valued it at €1.6m at one stage and now it is only worth €500,000.

“And then when I get a cash offer – they decide to refuse it and come after me instead.”

Godsill told Siliconrepublic.com that she has emailed the buyer, who is gutted.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years