Woomark has the ‘woo’ factor for social networkers

31 Jan 2011

Woomark is a new location-based social network on Android whereby people can share places or groups they like on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and Stumbleupon.

The website first operated in beta mode in Italy but it has since gone live worldwide.

Woomark itself was founded in late 2010 by a team of entrepreneurs and mobile development specialists, including Philippe Joly, who is the CEO of and the brain behind the Dublin-headquartered software company SafeBox. Via its SafeBox.mobi application, the company has come up with a simple way to communicate by SMS in privacy.

Woomark itself is headquartered in Italy, but Joly says the team has plans to bring the company to Ireland as a base in the next few months. 

Application for Android mobile devices

Joly says users register on Woomark.com by using their existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts and they can add, share and discover places around them either from the Woomark website or directly from their mobile application using GPS.

“Users post places of interest and categorise them into groups. The Woomark web and mobile applications allow users to connect with like-minded people, to share and discover popular places of interest based on their location,” he explains.

“Users can then share places or groups they like on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Stumbleupon and other popular services. They can also join groups, create new ones, follow other users ‘a la Twitter’ and even send each other private messages if they want to get in touch,” adds Joly.


Woomark is fully integrated into Google Maps and Street View, so users can get directions to places along with a print-friendly summary of their directions. It has also just launched an app for Android devices.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic