World’s first floating phone JCB Tradesman hits Irish stores

1 Dec 2010

Spar, Mace, Eurospar and XL outlets across Ireland will from next Monday begin selling the JCB Tradesman – a rugged tough phone that can also float.

The phone is being made available by newly launched MVNO JUST Mobile, which provides cellular services across Ireland through its relationship with Vodafone.

The operator launched in October with the news it is creating 25 new jobs plus a further 70 new jobs over the coming two years.

The waterproof handset, which can be purchased for €99.99 with a JUST Mobile SIM pre-loaded with €9 free call credit, is also dustproof, Bluetooth enabled, has a built-in torch, FM radio and a one-year warranty.

Military grade

Designed to a military specification and capable of operating in temperatures of -20°C to +60°C, the Tradesman can be submerged in water, left out in the rain, or even dropped into a pint or down the toilet – and still ring.

It also has a hardened outer plastic casing which can survive drops of up to three meters, making it ideal for those who work outdoors or enjoy outdoor pursuits.

To prove the durability of the JCB Tradesman, JCB tested the handset by dragging it behind a JCB GT at 120mph, buried it in two tonnes of rubble and put it inside a working cement mixer for one minute. The JCB Tradesman came out unscathed!

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years