World’s first radio show made entirely on iPhone

12 Nov 2010

RTÉ Radio 1 will broadcast possibly the world’s first radio programme made entirely on an iPhone this Saturday at 6.45pm. The programme was recorded, edited and sent for broadcast using no equipment other than a smartphone.

“It’s a bit of a gimmick”, says producer Ronan Kelly, “just to see if it can be done … and it can!”

And the subject of this first iPhone programme? Mobile phones. Ronan interviewed mobile phone users in Cork, including a teenager who uses his phone to check his altitude while skiing and an Armenian man who repairs mobiles in a tiny kiosk in a shopping centre while also developing new technology.

Kelly also interviews a young woman who says the deaths of young people are now marked by “chain texts”, where everyone adds their name to a text announcing a death as a mark of respect.

The world’s first iPhone-only show (possibly) will broadcast Saturday, 13 November, on Radio 1 and it is also available for download here.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years