Yahoo! Japan snubs Sony for iTunes

18 Jun 2007

Japanese music fans will be able to buy their iTunes music directly through Yahoo!, the country’s most popular site, in another move by Apple to bring iTunes to the masses.

Following last Wednesday’s partnership with Bebo to link in with young music fans in Ireland and the UK, Apple appears to be strategically expanding the reach of its popular iTunes store.

As iTunes now acts as Yahoo! Japan’s main online music portal, Sony’s digital music outlet, Mora, has not been dropped completely but has been relegated to second choice.

Although no plans have been voiced by Apple regarding iTunes’ greatest market share in US, there are several social networking sites which could potentially serve as an online portal like Bebo.

Bebo, which has not taken off in the US to the same extent as in Ireland, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, remains far behind the popularity of MySpace and Facebook, two potentially strong outlets for Apple iTunes.

Facebook, however, already has plans for an Amazon connection, through which users can buy books and possibly music.

As Apple extends the reach of its digital music sales, the company is also rumoured to be letting the public know tomorrow of a next-generation iPod, which may be launched on the same day as the long anticipated iPhone.

By Marie Boran