Yahoo! to sell Delicious for up to US$2m?

18 Mar 2011

Yahoo! is reportedly closing a deal to sell its bookmarking site Delicious, which could earn them between US$1m and US$2m.

The unnamed buyer for the site is said to be a “strategic partner.” Business Insider theorises it could be StumbleUpon, a website which lets users share and discover content around the web.

In the middle of December of last year, a leaked presentation from Yahoo! stated it was culling some of its products, which apparently included Delicious.

However, Yahoo! denied it would kill Delicious, saying it would find a home for it elsewhere.

According to reports, the reason why it has taken so long for Delicious to be sold is because it relies heavily on Yahoo! technology. Once it is removed from its infrastructure, it will be ready for a new home.