YouTube reveals top videos of 2011 in UK

20 Dec 2011

'Ultimate Dog Tease' is the most-watched YouTube video in the UK this past year

YouTube users in the UK watched videos of a “talking” dog, a parody of the Royal Wedding and a compilation of clips featuring actor Charlie Sheen the most this past year, the website revealed.

The video-sharing site unveiled the 10 clips that received the most clicks in 2011, and in top spot, with more than 74m views, is ‘Ultimate Dog Tease‘. This video features a pet dog being teased by its owner about food and the dog is making its displeasure known – vocally.

Next up is a T-Mobile advertisement that spoofs the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton that took place on 29 April. Royal family lookalikes dance down the aisle in the clip.

Coming in at No 3 is a musical montage of beleaguered actor Charlie Sheen‘s comments in 2011.

In the No 4 spot, Nyan Cat depicts a cartoon cat flying through space and leaving a rainbow trail behind it, to a Japanese pop song.

The audition of 19-year-old Michael Collings on Britain’s Got Talent is in fifth place, while a video comprised of edited footage from BBC’s Masterchef and dance music is No 6.

In seventh spot is ‘Diary of a Bad Man 5‘, one of a series of comedy sketches involving a young man with the mentality of a seven-year-old growing up.

A humorous remix of Rebecca Black‘s video for her much-maligned song ‘Friday’, entitled ‘Brock’s Dub’, is in the No 8 spot.

At No 9 are the 18-month-old McEntee twins, whose chat in gibberish drew millions of viewers.

Last on the list is ‘asdfmovie4‘, a series of sketch animations by Thomas Ridgewell.