5 easy steps to engaging in IoT, with Philip Moynagh

6 May 2015

With the help of Philip Moynagh, VP of the internet of things (IoT) at Intel, we are taken through the five steps needed to turn an IoT idea into a successful and engaging one.

There’s no denying that IoT is the next evolutionary step of the internet and it is already firmly underway, with authorities on the matter, such as Vint Cerf, saying that the demand for IoT devices is pushing the internet to its limit.

However, the question remains as to how someone who wants to move into the rapidly-advancing sector actually makes that first step?

There are arguably few people who can better the advice of Moynagh, who for some time now, has been championing the technology he devotes his life to with Intel and, with the help of Think Visual, he has listed the five steps to success, beginning with what should be your very first thought, what ‘thing’ do you want to connect to the wider world?

“Select things, embed a brain, hook it to the internet — the rest is about unleashing imagination,” Moynagh says.

Stay tuned for more videos explaining IoT provided by the talented folk at Think Visual each Wednesday morning over the coming weeks.

Cartoon of IoT connected refrigerator via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic