A wearable robot mech suit is available to buy on Amazon for €890,000

16 Jan 2015

The Kuratas robot suit. Photo via amazon.co.jp

Remember the climax of the movie Aliens? When Ripley straps into the mech suit to battle Alien Queen? “Get away from her you b****,” and all that?

Well, fans of the film (or robot enthusiasts in general) can now lay their hands on their own fully operational mech suit. As reported by The Independent, an operational Kuratas robot suit is available to purchase via Amazon Japan for a cool €890,000 (approximately).

Built in 2012 by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, the Kuratas is piloted by motion controls via a touchscreen device within the small cockpit. It boasts a top speed of 6 mph and allows the wearer to fire a twin BB Gatling gun capable of shooting 6000 BBs per minute. Oddly, though, the machine’s arms need to be purchased separately.

Japan has firmly established itself as the centre of building the Eighties robots of our dreams after developers Kenji Ishida and Watur Yoshizaki built a 4-foot tall working Transformer. The pair’s ultimate aim, however, is to build a 16-foot tall version by 2020.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic