All hail June, the world’s most intelligent oven

10 Jun 2015

The June Intelligent Oven is everything you want in a smart device: it cooks food, it has a touch screen, cameras everywhere and even an app.

Backed by US$7m in Series A funding, June’s team has experience helping to create technologies such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, GoPro and FitBit.

The intelligent oven is basically excellent. The interactive front face lets you decide things like how you want your steak done.

Cameras inside the oven can read what food you’re making. The June app then syncs your smartphone with June to tell you when it’s done, providing you with updates that you can, for no real reason, take pictures of throughout.

There are recipes suggested and, as the promo video says, “the more June users there are, the better it gets” at intelligently reading what each foodstuff is and what it takes to cook it.

June Intelligent Oven apps

June Intelligent Oven apps showing prompts the user receives

The company calls June the “ultimate sous chef”, with partner Robert Brunner saying: “Our goal with June was to bring a new level of evolved form and function to the kitchen.

“And while technology is at the heart of the product, we wanted to create an approachable look that works in any kitchen environment. The result is a modern design that is more considered and refined than anything else on the market.”

The touchscreen is 5” with internet connectivity. There’s actually a 2.3GHz quad core NVIDIA Processor with 192 Cuda Cores, a HD camera, a kitchen scale, “dual-surround” convection for even and faster cooking, carbon-fibre heating elements, an edge-to-edge clear glass door and LED lighting.

It’s fairly steep, clocking in at US$1,500, and can only be bought in the US at the moment. But even still, I so want one…


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic