Belkin has geared up for the internet of things, says CMO Kieran Hannon (video)

7 Nov 2014

Kieran Hannon, chief marketing officer, Belkin

Consumer electronics giant Belkin is ready to capitalise on the internet of things opportunity and has already created a WeMo line-up of wireless-linked smart home devices.

Chief marketing officer Kieran Hannon was in Dublin this week at the Web Summit where he was able to demonstrate to hungry members of the press how it was possible to control slow cookers, coffee makers and light bulbs with new Belkin WeMo switching products.

Belkin, which was founded in 1982 by CEO Chet Pipkin and whose first product was a printer cable for the Apple II, is primed for the internet of things, said Hannon.

“Five years ago Chet recognised where the market was going and started making investments in resources and engineering talent to build out the WeMo platforms.

“We have created our own devices and products that are simple, affordable and easy to use and convenient to give people a taste of what the smart home could look like,” Hannon said.

The Web Summit 2014: Interview with Kieran Hannon of Belkin

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years