Camara helps entrepreneurial students develop wearables

27 May 2015

John Fitzsimons, Camara Education CEO and students at Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra, Dublin, launching the new wearable USB. Image via Thomas Clohosey

As part of the Young Social Innovators programme developed by Camara Education, the students of Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra, Dublin, researched, designed and sourced a special school-specific wearable USB wristband.

Camara is an international charity that has been operating as a social enterprise that uses technology to deliver tech skills and education tools to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Camara currently operates seven education hubs in Africa (Kenya , Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania,  Rwanda, Uganda and Lesotho), as well as in Haiti and its native Ireland.

To date, Camara has installed and supported 62,000 computers in schools and trained more than 16,000 teachers worldwide.

In Ireland, Camara has supplied more than 5,000 computers and trained more than 1,700 teachers and youth workers.

Aodh Ó Máirtín was the teacher at Gaelscoil Bharra coordinating the USB wristband project and he has been busy introducing many new initiatives, both in his classroom and across the school, using the Camara technology and training to great effect.

“We take it for granted that kids have laptops but there are always those kids that don’t have access; Camara has given access to what should be available readily,” Ó Máirtín said at the launch.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic