The entire internet of things world (infographic)

9 Oct 2015

The internet of things (IoT) is a concept confusing to many, but soon to be consumed by all. For those looking a little lost, this infographic should explain all.

IoT Makers Week graphic

Three things will ultimately shape the breadth of how, and the speed at which, IoT takes hold in the world: sensors, connectivity and people.

Long held as the main restriction to the evolution of a more connected world, a lack of sensors has gradually been put right, with growing numbers of devices falling in line with the new world order.

Whether they be GPS, heating, moisture, pressure or speedometer sensors, these are the backbone of creating an interconnected world.

It could be argued that they are also premeditated. The thirst for IoT has led to an explosion in sensor prevalence, rather than the other way around.

Connectivity’s timeline, though, shows the opposite. From dial-up to broadband, landlines to smartphones, PAN to LAN, MAN and WAN, growing connection speeds have led to greater ideas.

Connectivity combined with sensors can then be evaluated, explained and decided on by people for whom this IoT world is shaped.

Internet of things becoming all encompassing

So now we have things like activity wearables, autonomous vehicles and smart homes. You can manage your heating, cooking and even cleaning via smartphone.

Farmers can keep track of the health of their animals, devices can tell when cattle are about to give birth. Drivers can know exactly what time they will arrive at a destination, fuel stations are now charging electric cars.

We have wireless smartphone chargers, health monitors logging your vitals and smart doorbells ensuring you always appear to be home.

You can check on transport, friends and business wirelessly, remotely, smartly. All of this is IoT. All of this is both the present and, more comprehensively, the future.

The below infographic – via Postscapes and Harbor Research – which you can click on to view in a larger format, explains all.

Internet of things IoT

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic