Gigglebit: LED water graffiti is as amazing as it sounds

20 Apr 2015

A child drawing Pac-Man on the Water Light Graffiti wall

This morning’s Gigglebit looks at how with the help of some special LED lights and some water, you can make an amazing graffiti light display.

LED displays are nothing new of course, but what if you were able to light up a whole display just by applying some water on its surface like a graffiti artist uses spray paint on walls?

Known simply as Water Light Graffiti, the concept, created by Antonin Fourneau, uses thousands of LED lights that are triggered to turn on by the presence of water, but according to the site highlighting the wall, it took a number of attempts to get it to work properly.

Demonstrated in the French town of Poitiers, the wall allows for any implement, whether it be a paint brush or a water gun, to create the art and is being described by Fourneau and his team as “an interactive communal urban space”.

The Water Light Graffiti in New York

Water Light Graffiti @ New York Design Week (May 2013 for Grohe). Image via Digitalarti/Flickr

Water Light Graffiti gif

Gif via prostheticknowledge

Second gif of Water Light Grafitti wall

Gif via prostheticknowledge

Child at Water Light Graffiti wall image via Digitalarti/Flickr

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic