Holograms now berate people illegally parking in disabled bays

5 May 2015

A non-profit group in Russia is attempting to use hologram technology to teach people who wrongfully park in disabled bays a lesson by projecting an image of a disabled person explaining their difficulties.

Dislife Russia, the organisation that teamed up with the ad agency Y&R to put this idea into action, went about installing a hologram system that would project the images of disabled drivers explaining how difficult it is for them to find vacant disabled parking bays due to carelessness.

According to Digital Synopsis, 30pc of drivers in Russia will take a disabled bay regardless of whether they are disabled or not.

Known as the More than a Sign campaign, the hologram works by shining the image of a disabled driver onto a wall of water vapour that activates if the camera placed above the bay sees that there is no disabled sign in the car’s front window.

The system has been installed across a number of Moscow locations, such as shopping centres and business districts, including in one of Europe’s largest shopping centres.

“I face many challenges every day,” says one of the participants through the hologram, “your only challenge is to respect my rights.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic