How IoT can help you pour the perfect pint every time

20 May 2015

Pour the perfect pint every time

This week, Intel’s VP of internet of things (IoT) Philip Moynagh returns to show us how IoT can help not just at home, but in pubs to help bar staff know how to pour a perfect pint every time.

As many pub goers will know, there’s nothing terribly pleasant about going up to the bar, asking for a pint of your favourite drink, and the bar staff returning with a big foamy pint from the end of a keg.

But while it’s somewhat unpleasant for the customer, it’s also not particularly good for the bar staff and owner as it’s to do with the age-old question: when do you replace the keg?

Until now, it has been a case where bar staff would need to try to guess when it is almost out, which can either end up with a pint for the customer that’s no good, or to play it safe, end up throwing out perfectly drinkable beer.

Well, Moynagh says, why not use something like the ‘iKeg’, which is offered by a company called SteadyServ, which offers an IoT-connected keg that can tell the bar staff when is the perfect time to change the keg.

If ever there was a popular use of IoT, this is certainly it!

Stay tuned for more videos explaining IoT provided by the talented folk at Think Visual each Wednesday morning over the coming weeks.

Beer taps image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic