Industrial revolution 4.0: Irish tech firms plan to dominate industrial IoT

1 Dec 2016

Industrial IoT heralds an era of intelligent factories, smart cities, energy, automotive, transportation and healthcare. Image: Como/Shutterstock

Dublin tech firm Asavie and Limerick-based EpiSensor are busy laying the groundwork to become global leaders in the industrial internet of things world.

Dublin tech firm Asavie is hurtling towards becoming a dominant provider in the industrial internet of things (IIoT) world, after achieving recognition from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and striking a partnership with EpiSensor.

Asavie’s PassBridge technology enables mobile operators and original equipment manufacturers to rapidly launch, scale and secure end-user-focused enterprise mobility and IoT services. Clients include Eir, Three and Vodafone, as well as AT&T and Telefonica.

‘Our partnership with Asavie makes it so much easier for our customers to build and deploy full-stack industrial IoT solutions’

EpiSensor’s IIoT Platform makes it easier to collect data, so people can make better decisions. The company’s technology can be found in precision agriculture, smart factory, utilities and energy management applications.

At this week’s AWS shindig in Las Vegas, Asavie achieved IoT competency status in the AWS Partner Network. This recognised the Irish company for deep expertise in the delivery of secure connectivity services, from IoT edge devices to AWS, hybrid architecture, and on-premises environments.

“By leveraging the agility of AWS and the additional security provided by Asavie IoT Connect, customers can get their IoT projects going sooner and can generate revenues faster,” said Asavie CEO Ralph Shaw.

IIoT sensor partnership

Asavie, which this time last year announced 106 new jobs at its Dublin headquarters, this week forged a vital partnership with EpiSensor, in a move that could propel the two companies to the top of the IIoT stack.

Together, the pair aim to make it easier for enterprises to securely collect and route large volumes of industrial data to cloud environments, such as the AWS cloud.

The combined offering is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries, from precision agriculture to energy management, and can be deployed in the most harsh, secure and mission-critical environments.

IIoT requires the collaboration of multiple vendors to come together and make it easier for customers to deploy their IoT projects globally.

The IoT stack is comprised of multiple layers and by joining forces, Asavie and EpiSensor are simplifying the deployment of complete solutions for their industrial customers. The combination of on-demand network connectivity with industrial-grade wireless sensors means that developers and companies can scale from the lab to countrywide deployments, using the same architecture.

“Traditional industrial control and automation systems, although reliable, were never designed to be internet-connected and are too complex and expensive for many applications,” explained Brendan Carroll, CEO of EpiSensor.

“We simplify this data collection layer, but this is just one element of an overall IoT solution. Our partnership with Asavie makes it so much easier for our customers to build and deploy full-stack industrial IoT solutions.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years