Intel’s IoT style statement at New York Fashion Week

16 Sep 2015

Intel got in on the action at New York Fashion Week, with its Intel Curie being used to power two items of clothing on the runway.

Clothing studio Chromat showed off its Aeros Sports Bra, which uses the Intel Curie and which it said “leverages shape memory alloy to open vents to cool down the body when it senses heat and sweat”, according to Engadget.

The tiny Intel Curie senses and responds to perspiration, breathing patterns and body temperature, opening vents in the sports bra to keep the user cool and, possibly, allow them to train even harder.


We here at are always saying how the internet of things will soon be in every part of our lives, and if this development is anything to go by it certainly looks like we were right!

The second item of clothing showing off the Intel Curie’s functionality was the Adrenaline Dress, a dress designed to be worn out at night that features 3D-printed panels and a fibre-link framework that expands as the wearer’s adrenaline rises in an attempt to increase the wearer’s personal space — something that could certainly be handy in some Irish nightclubs.  

The button-sized Curie was launched by Intel at CES 2015 and comprises of Intel’s tiny system on a chip, Quark, as well as a Bluetooth Low Energy radio, six-axis sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, and 384Kb of flash memory.

Where will IoT take us next? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.