IoT: The key facts you need to know about how it works

10 Jun 2015

With all the deeper concepts of the internet of things (IoT) being discussed on in recent weeks, it might be worth stepping back for a moment and asking the question: how will IoT actually change our future forever?

If there is one topic that is likely to spark the imagination of the average person, it is the potential for a driverless, or at least semi-autonomous, car taking us from one place to the other with the press of a button.

But to actually get to that stage, cars are going to need to get a lot smarter and, in order to do that, they must get on board with the IoT concept as cars communicating with one another will be crucial to maintaining driver safety on the road.

In effect, a world where all our devices and infrastructure are talking to one another is the dawning of an entirely new age of technology, according to Intel’s VP for IoT, Philip Moynagh, who has been providing us with insights into this rapidly developing field every week.

Stay tuned for more videos explaining IoT provided by the talented folk at Think Visual each Wednesday morning over the coming weeks.

Hong Kong at night image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic