iRobot’s Create 2 released to help STEM students get involved in robotics

10 Dec 2014

Roomba 600 is what the Create 2 is based on. Image via

iRobot has announced updates to its STEM outreach programme, including the launch of Create 2 – a preassembled robot platform, based off the company’s Roomba.

It also unveiled online resources, including 3D printable files for new parts, a faceplate drilling template, and educational projects and instructions. 

Create 2 gives educators, students and developers first-hand robotic programming experience. It’s ready right from the box so people can start messing around with it straight away.

There are starter projects for beginners to get going on and even a ‘DJ Create 2’, which is basically a DJ robot. The chasis of sorts is essentially a Roomba 600, but the room for hacking is right in front of you, with spaces to mount complementary devices in abundance.

“As a global leader in robotics technology, iRobot believes its greatest social responsibility is to ignite students’ passion for STEM-related careers through the excitement of robots,” said Colin Angle, chairman and chief executive officer of iRobot.

“Robots have a cool factor unlike any other learning tool. Create 2, with its online resources, reliable hardware born of the award-winning Roomba, and ease of customisation simply delivers more robot than anything available to students and educators at or near its price. We are so excited to be able to make this available to the educational community.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic