Machine-learning business Maluuba raises $6.5m

21 Jan 2016

Maluuba, a business focused on deep machine learning and AI, has almost quadrupled its total funding, with $6m raised in a Series A round this week.

Behind projects to replicate a Siri-like service on Android, Maluuba has previously secured funding from the likes of Samsung Ventures, with Montreal-based Emerillon Capital, San Francisco-based Nautilus Ventures, and other investors behind the latest backing.

Using “deep reinforcement learning” to process its language-based service, Maluuba claims to be behind language software in 50m smart devices globally.

“At Maluuba, we’re focused on solving cutting-edge problems in artificial intelligence, specifically in natural language understanding, to give machines human-like intelligence,” said Sam Pasupalak, co-founder and CEO of Maluuba.

“We’re integrating this technology into a portfolio of products to make interactions with smart devices easier and more seamless than ever before – and this funding will open the door to even more possibilities for us.”

Based out of Ontario in Canada, Maluuba currently provides services in 10 languages but, as funding ratchets up, it’s safe to assume a significant expansion of its operations is on the cards.

Machine learning image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic