Meta plans to ‘turbocharge’ generative AI into its platforms

28 Feb 2023

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Image: Anthony Quintano (CC BY 2.0)

Zuckerberg said the company is forming a new product group to create new AI experiences for Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Meta is refocusing efforts into creating generative AI services, as the Big Tech joins others in the race to create new AI services.

In a Facebook post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is making a new product group that will “turbocharge” the company’s efforts in generative AI.

Zuckerberg said multiple teams are being brought into a single group that will build “delightful experiences around this technology into all of our different products”.

“We have a lot of foundational work to do before getting to the really futuristic experiences, but I’m excited about all of the new things we’ll build along the way,” Zuckerberg said.

The Meta CEO said the company will focus on “creative and expressive tools” in the short term, along with long-term plans to develop AI personas.

Zuckerberg said Meta is exploring new “experiences” across its platforms, such as chat in WhatsApp and Messenger,  image ideas such as “creative Instagram filters” and “video and multi-modal experiences”.

Joining the AI gold rush

Meta’s focus on generative-AI comes amid the rise of ChatGPT, the advanced chatbot that has surged in popularity since it launched last November.

This rise has led to an AI arms race, as companies such as Microsoft and Google have been integrating AI capabilities into their services. Earlier this week, Snapchat announced its own AI chatbot that utilizes the latest version of ChatGPT.

Amid this AI rush, Meta released a research-focused large language model called Llama earlier this week. The company said this AI model will be available at various sizes, to give more researchers the ability to understand how large language models like ChatGPT work.

The company hasn’t given a date for when it will release its first generative-AI services. The new product team is being led by VP of AI and machine learning Ahmad Al-Dahle, according to Axios.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Image: Anthony Quintano via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic