Siemens’ MindSphere IoT ecosystem is coming to Azure cloud

22 Nov 2016

MindSphere improves the efficiency of manufacturing plans using large amounts of data. Image: Ksander/Shutterstock

Siemens’ IoT ecosystem MindSphere is to arrive on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform in 2017.

MindSphere enables industrial enterprises to improve the efficiency of plants through the acquisition and analysis of large quantities of production data.

Siemens and Microsoft plan to offer the MindSphere platform and affiliated apps on the Azure cloud platform in the future.

‘It supports manufacturing companies to succeed with their digital transformation’

The use of public cloud services means cutting out the installation and maintenance work involved in creating a dedicated IT infrastructure.

Digital transformation for manufacturers

“With Azure, Microsoft is offering an innovative, secure and hyper-scalable global cloud computing platform,” said Sabine Bendiek, area vice-president for Microsoft Germany.

“Integrating Siemens MindSphere and Microsoft Azure will fuel local innovation and provide customers greater flexibility and choice.

“It supports manufacturing companies to succeed with their digital transformation using public cloud solutions and benefit from the full potential offered by IoT, big data and machine learning applications,” Bendiek said.

In addition to Java, JavaScript and Python, plans are in place for MindSphere to also support .NET applications in the future

“This will help us drive forward the expansion of our open IoT ecosystem still further,” explained Peter Weckesser, COO of the product lifecycle management business unit at Siemens AG.

“It will create additional opportunities for customers, partners and third-party suppliers to use digital services and so enhance the productivity of plants and machines.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years