Belfast’s IoT revolution begins: Neurovalens to disrupt weight-loss industry

19 Jul 2017

Jason McKeown, co-founder and CEO of Neurovalens, with Invest NI director of innovation Dr Vicky Kell. Image: Invest NI

Neurovalens is revolutionising weight loss with a new wearable device called Modius.

Invest NI has offered promising young tech firm Neurovalens £259,000 towards R&D to create a wearable device called Modius, which could change the weight-loss industry forever.

Modius is a weight-loss device that combines neuroscience and technology to solve health issues.

‘The product is already creating a buzz in the US for the technology, and their plans to crack the US market are well underway’

Neurovalens was founded by a team of doctors and neuroscientists led by Paul McGeoch and Jason McKeown.

It makes wearable technology that can modify metabolism rates, appetite and fat storage.

In 2015, it participated in Invest NI’s Propel Programme.

Invest NI’s director of innovation, Dr Vicky Kell, said: “The product is already creating a buzz in the US for the technology, and their plans to crack the US market are well underway.

“This is a great example of how investment in innovation, research and development is critical to Northern Ireland businesses as it enables a business to anticipate and respond to the changing requirements of its customers and take advantage of emerging opportunities.”

Exciting new generation of wearables

As well as R&D, the investment will generate at least seven new jobs and assist Neurovalens’ marketing activities.

“The first generation of wearable tech devices had a huge impact on the world, helping millions better understand their physical output,” said McKeown, CEO of Neurovalens.

“Modius is part of an exciting second generation of wearable tech and is a product that actively improves health rather than simply measuring.

“Invest NI has been an invaluable source of support to us over the years and it is this support which has helped us to grow to where we are today. Our focus now is on growing export sales in key target markets in the US and UK.

“We believe there are tens of millions of people who will find they can become leaner through use of the Modius device. We also know that neuroscience and technology can be combined to affect all sorts of other health issues, which, in effect, gives our company a very robust product pipeline,” McKeown said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years