OpenAI focuses on news with The Atlantic and Vox Media deals

30 May 2024

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OpenAI has been making various media deals to get deeper access to news content for its AI models, while the company is engaged in a copyright lawsuit from The New York Times.

OpenAI has signed two new content partnerships with media organisations, as the ChatGPT creator continues to bring news content to its products.

The tech company has partnered with The Atlantic and Vox Media, bringing a wave of professional journalism content to products such as ChatGPT. The deals will make content from these media organisations discoverable within OpenAI products.

The deals are designed to boost the reach of these news organisations, while providing OpenAI with a trove of training data to boost its AI products.

Vox Media includes Vox, The Verge, Eater, New York Magazine, The Cut, Vulture and SB Nation – all of which will receive “brand attribution and audience referrals” under the new partnership. Vox Media said the deal will bring “trusted journalism and expertise” into OpenAI’s products and will help the tech giant enhance its AI products with Vox Media archives.

“This agreement aligns with our goals of leveraging generative AI to innovate for our audiences and customers, protect and grow the value of our work and intellectual property, and boost productivity and discoverability to elevate the talent and creativity of our exceptional journalists and creators,” said Vox Media co-founder, chair and CEO Jim Bankoff.

The Atlantic said ChatGPT queries that lead to content from the publisher will include attribution and a link to read the full article.

The Atlantic also said its product team will have “privileged access to OpenAI tech” and will pilot emerging tech in Atlantic Labs – an initiative to figure out how AI can help develop new journalism products.

“We believe that people searching with AI models will be one of the fundamental ways that people navigate the web in the future,” said The Atlantic CEO Nicholas Thompson. “We’re delighted to partner with OpenAI to make The Atlantic’s reporting and stories more discoverable to their millions of users, and to have a voice in shaping how news is surfaced on their platforms.”

OpenAI has scored a number of media deals to get access to content from leading publications. The company partnered with News Corp last week, giving it access to content from organisations such as The Wall Street Journal and The Sunday Times.

The AI company inked a similar deal with European news company Axel Springer late last year, giving it access to news content from publishers such as Politico and Business Insider.

This focus on gaining privileged access to news content comes while OpenAI and Microsoft are engaged in a lawsuit from The New York Times, which claims AI models such as ChatGPT have copied and use millions of copyrighted news articles, in-depth investigations and other journalistic work “without permission or payment”.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic