Robot football to be standard by 2040 – HTC

13 Feb 2014

Mobile football will be in 3D holograms, according to HTC.

While pundits argue about the merits of introducing video footage and goal-line technology in the modern game of football, Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is already making sci-fi style predictions for the future of the game.

As part of their sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, HTC have released images detailing what they believe will be the future of football for the spectator and the players themselves.

As part of the company’s study, they looked at how the growth of smartphones will play a growing part in how spectators interact with their favourite teams and even predict that in 50 year’s time we will be controlling a team of robot players with Android devices.

While a little outlandish to say the least, if there was one prediction to come true in 2060, it’s that Ireland will no-doubt still be rubbish.

Insect camera

Insect cameras are one of the many out-there ideas HTC has for the future of football coverage but could finally put an end to the inane back and forth between pundits over whether a referee would have seen an incident or not.

Panini stickers

Panini may have stopped selling football player trading cards but HTC sees 2018 as being the year of the interactive card where footballers come to life on a virtual screen that you send digitally between friends. Here’s hoping for the shiny Manchester United crest that has always been so elusive.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic