Watch: Rubik’s Cube solved in just one second, by a robot

25 Jan 2016

Jay Flatland and Paul Rose created a machine that can solves a Rubik's Cube in 1.019 seconds, image via YouTube

It looks like the world’s fastest Rubik’s Cube solve is, unofficially, 1.019 seconds, thanks to an Arduino chip, some 3D-printed parts, a piece of software and two clever guys.

Officially, the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube, by a machine, is 3.253 seconds. The fastest solve by a human is 4.904 seconds. But Jay Flatland and Paul Rose think they can destroy both those tallies, with their homemade robot coming in at 1.019 seconds.

By hooking up six motors to turn the Rubik’s Cube, four cameras to record where each square is situated, and an algorithm to establish the quickest solve, the duo are looking to get their project officially recognised.

The only doctoring they do to their Rubik’s Cube is drilling some holes in the centre squares to let their robot grip it properly. The cameras note the construction – all four must have a clear sight – and the Linux programme does the rest.

The fastest human time was recorded late last year, when youngster Lucas Etter notched up 4.9 seconds.

Of course, many outlets are suggesting this as proof that robots are the dominant force on the planet, humans are next to be solved.

Let’s not get carried away, yet. It hasn’t even broken one second yet.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic