Samurai takes on robot, the ultimate man vs machine challenge – Gigglebit

6 Jun 2015

In this mesmerising sword duel, a samurai master battles the Yaskawai Motoman MH24 industrial robot in a battle of precision and skill.

Can the precision of a Bushido master using skills honed over generations be a match against an industrial robot?

In this mesmerising challenge, entitled the Yasakawa Bushido Project, Isao Machiii, master of Iaijyutsu, a sword-based martial art crafted since ancient times and a five-times world-record holder, enters into a sword duel of sorts against an industrial robot.

The robot, a precision machine created by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, which comes with the fetching title Motoman MH24, attempts to match the samurai master’s technique.

Yaskawa had technology on its side and studied Master Isao’s techniques using 3D cameras and sensors.

In the challenge, the samurai master and the robot take on various targets using four different cutting techniques, culminating in an arduous 1,000 cuts challenge.

We’ll let you decide who the winner is. But judging by the mess on the ground, we’ll take our chances with the master.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years