Tesla Motors to unveil new car alongside ‘something else’

3 Oct 2014

Image via Twitter

American electric car company Tesla Motors will unveil its latest vehicle on 9 October, with company founder Elon Musk also teasing that the date will see the release of ‘something else’.

As reported by The Verge, Musk took to Twitter yesterday (2 October) to announce plans for ‘the D’ – likely a follow-up to Tesla’s current Model S and X vehicles – as well as the mysterious ‘something else’, to which no further details have been revealed.

In July, Tesla and consumer electronics giant Panasonic confirmed plans to construct the ‘Gigafactory’ – a large-scale battery manufacturing plant in the US to meet the projected demand for battery cells as Tesla attempts to mass market electric vehicles.

“The Gigafactory represents a fundamental change in the way large scale battery production can be realised,” said JB Straubel, chief technology officer and co-founder of Tesla Motors upon the announcement.

“Not only does the Gigafactory enable capacity needed for the Model 3 but it sets the path for a dramatic reduction in the cost of energy storage across a broad range of applications.”

According to 2013 sales figures, Ireland is worst in terms of the up-take of electric vehicles across 17 of Europe’s biggest economies.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic