The anatomy of autonomous, self-driving cars (infographic)

22 Jun 2015

Autonomous cars are gaining huge interest on the back of major tech giants like Apple, Google and Baidu investing heavily in these vehicles for the near future. But how do they work?

For a car to have the information required to drive autonomously, a whole range of sensors, cameras and other intricate technology needs to be created and integrated into a seamless network of combined learning.

Google’s self-driving cars have driven so many kilometres that, combined, they could have circled the Earth dozens of times.

Through researching the number of accidents – which are very, very few – and how these vehicles can learn to react to situations, every week we are moving closer to autonomous vehicles being a reality.

Below is an infographic from Southside Motor Factors that looks at the make-up of a self-driving car, the safety claims, the economic benefits and the roadmap towards “a driverless future”. You can click on the image to see a full-size version.

self-driving cars infographicMain image, via Shutterstock


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic