TSSG researchers are working on a next-generation AR comms system

26 May 2017

Image: Supamotion/Shutterstock

When it comes to future industrial uses of AR and VR, Waterford-based TSSG has the perfect calling card.

Researchers at TSSG’s augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) research group are working on creating a futuristic AR-based comms system that will transform how professionals industries such as construction and engineering work together.

Paul Cooke, a researcher at TSSG, explained: “We are the newest unit in TSSG and, for 12 months now, we have been working with a huge range of industry from architects, entertainment companies, insurance companies to transport hubs to see how augmented reality can enable them to be more effective.”

TSSG already has an impressive track record in AR and VR thanks to spin-outs such as Immersive VR Education, creators of breakthrough VR experiences focusing on Apollo 11 and Titanic.

Cooke said the team at TSSG wants to build on this heritage, but to do so through an industrial lens.

The industrial future of AR

TSSG is using technologies such as the HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens.

“I think VR and AR can lend themselves to quite distinct areas. VR at present is definitely a games experience where people are getting immersion in environments they wouldn’t normally be in, whereas AR can have broader industry and business applications.”

Cooke explained that the TSSG team are working on a new AR-based comms system that could replace telepresence technologies.

“Instead of flying to a meeting or using telepresence, by attending a meeting in AR, which will have scanned your body, you will be able to join a meeting, collaborate around the design of a building or electronics component.

“AR gets away from one-dimensional video conferencing to collectively working on a project as if you are in the same room.

“We believe the applications of AR will influence any number of industries.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years