What happens in a smart home? (infographic)

8 Jun 2015

There’s a lot of innovation expected imminently when it comes to smart technology, with Apple and Google each playing key roles in the immediate evolution of Internet of Things (IoT). But, what is a smart home?

Well, a smart home is something that is far more connected than you may think.

At the limited end of the scale it’s something like the lights in your back garden coming on when you walk outside after dark.

At the extensive end it’s your fridge alerting you that you’re running out of food, your TV tuning in the traffic report when you enter your kitchen in the morning, or some cool night-lights woven into your floor that lead the way to the bathroom late at night.

Smart homes not far away

With the impending introduction of smart even self driving cars in the future, soon your garage will be synced up to open and close when you’re nearby.

There will be alerts telling you when children have accessed the cookie jar, when your dog has escaped your garden or even when your oven has been left unattended.

Below is an infographic by Smart Things that explains the basics behind what a smart home could be in the near future, with all parts of the house taken into consideration – although presuming we all have a wine cellar is perhaps a bit much.

Click the image to view full size.


Smart home image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic