Wix will let users build entire websites using AI prompts

18 Jul 2023

Image: © piter2121/Stock.adobe.com

The website creator plans to let users create full sites from scratch, through the power of ChatGPT and AI image generators.

Wix has revealed a new wave of AI-based services to help users build their website, including the ability to make a full site from text prompts.

The website maker is using ChatGPT – the popular AI chatbot – for a range of AI-powered features. Currently, users can create text, templates, descriptions and alternative layouts using AI. Wix also lets users create their own images using text-to-image AI models.

The website plans to expand its current AI offerings with a full website generator later this year. The company’s CEO Avishai Abrahami said this will be the “next generation of website creation”.

“What makes it groundbreaking is that it is not a template,” Abrahami said in a blog post. “In fact, it’s a unique website designed and tailor-made for you, according to your needs, generated with AI and advanced algorithms. The design and layout are completely fitted to the site’s content.”

Wix said this tool will let users type in a prompt to explain the “intent” behind the planned website. From this prompt, ChatGPT will generate relevant text for the site while Wix will create the design and images.

This generator will also be integrated with other Wix business applications, letting users add the necessary functions to make an online store or a bookings function.

For existing websites, Wix is working on a page and section creator, which will let users quickly add a new part to their site by describing what they want. The company is also designing its own AI assistant to help manage websites and create “strategies based on personalised analytics and site trends”.

“The current AI revolution is just the beginning, and in the next few years, you will see that the new AI technologies will bring many opportunities to make your website and business better,” Abrahami said. “At Wix, we are fully committed to bringing you fully-integrated innovations with an excellent user interface experience.”

AI continues to be hot topic in the tech sector, with multiple companies announcing AI-powered products and services this year to stay ahead of the curve. Reports have shown how dramatically the AI sector has grown and evolved in recent years, as industry has overtaken academia in terms of AI development.

It is also estimated that global spending on AI systems will reach $154bn this year and surpass $300bn by 2026.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic